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The Set-Up Part 2 — May 22, 2015

The Set-Up Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is the second half of the blog post on my A5 Purple Malden Filofax set-up. We have so far, briefly mentioned inserts and some of the different sections I include within my planner and now i’m going to show you the rest of it!

A typical week in my diary...
A typical week in my diary…

This is an image of a page picked pretty randomly from my diary. The A5 size is perfect for me in that I can plan what i’m doing every hour if I need to! I like to keep the decoration in my diary section simple so I can see important dates easily but I do use washi tape along the bottom because I rarely use that space. I like to block out my time if I have essays or exam revision to do and I use various different colored highlighting pens for the different types of event I might have on. For example:

  • Pink is University (classes, meetings with tutor etc)
  • Yellow is Exercise (gym, running or a fitness class)
  • Blue is Personal (coffee with friends, night out or cinema)
  • Green is Other

At the back of my diary I have my ‘other’ inserts mentioned in the previous post and these were made from pieces of colored card from Amazon. I used glitter pens for the borders and scrapbook page butterflies to decorate the top right hand corner.


Over the next few weeks I will blog in more detail about these but for now these images are just to show you what I do. Again, at the back of my planner I have plastic wallet inserts for cards and papers etc that came with the Filofax but that which can be bought either online or in any good stationary shop.

IMAG0918The final pages of my diary are dedicated to my notebook paper and timetable which I printed off and colored in with some pastel shade pencils in order to make my classes stand out. Extra inserts that I keep in my Filofax folder mean that should I need to make an extra section for my diary, I can straight away.

I hope this has shown you what can be achieved decoratively using a Filofax and please do not forget, if you have any questions or would like to see a blog post about something specifically then let me know!


Louise X


My Purple Malden A5 Set-Up —

My Purple Malden A5 Set-Up

Hello Filofax fans,

Today i’d like to start with an overview of my own Filofax and a quick look into how I set it up. Later posts will deal more specifically with each section and how you can recreate my inserts yourself, so please feel free to comment below if there is anything in particular you would like to know.

My favourite Christmas present!

I bought my first Filofax when I was in high school, it was a Filofax mini (sadly, I forget the name) and bright red. Since then, I have had an A5 Metropol Filofax again in red but thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, I recently upgraded last Christmas to my beautiful A5 Purple Malden Filofax.

I am a University student currently in my second year and alongside this I volunteer for a student newspaper at which I am the editor for my area. So a Filofax has been great at really helping me keep on top of things, especially when assignment deadlines are due!

The first thing I do when getting a new Filofax or diary, is spend a few days getting everything ready. By this I mean, making my own inserts, labeling the different sections I need, printing off different sheets I need for the week ahead and generally making it feel more personal.

It is always worth taking the time to do this. A Filofax is primarily a diary or planner but nowadays has really become a bit of a creative project and at the end of a stressful day whilst some people find it relaxing to scrapbook, I simply update my Filofax for the day.

Below is a picture of my Filofax ‘front page’ and pockets for various pieces of stationary I use on a daily basis. At the moment, as the school year in the UK has ended, I don’t need much but simply carry the essentials. This includes:

  • Small sticky notes kept in the left pocket.
  • Tab stickers for marking important dates in my diary.
  • Colored stars for highlighting special occasions.
  • Paper clips.


The insert on the right was customized by myself using the cream card inserts you receive when you buy any leather Filofax but you can buy them for any diary from a good stationary shop such as Paperchase, Tiger or WHSmith. I also do not own a laminating machine but instead simply use the old sticky tape method when covering any insert I want to use regularly as it works just like a plastic coating, making it easy to clean etc.


To the right, is an image of the different ‘main’ sections of my Filofax, including:

  • Personal
  • To Do
  • Diary
  • Contacts
  • Finance
  • Notes

And below is an image of the ‘other’ sections that remain at the back of the Filofax. These sections include my diet and exercise pages, my newspaper article ideas page and my all important birthday and Christmas lists. Other pages such as groceries help me to work out my weekly shopping lists and budget.


Right, as readers have been bombarded with information in this blog post, I will split this entry into two sections and post the other half later today in order to make the reading a little easier. I hope this has already given an insight into the kind of organisational techniques I like to use in my Filofax.

Thanks for reading!

Louise X

Blog Makeover — May 19, 2015

Blog Makeover

Hello Internet,

Over the last year my desire to blog i’m afraid has flopped dramatically. However, with the summer looming I have decided to take up my keyboard once more but this time with something a little different in mind.

From now on this blog will be called ‘The Filofax Blogger’ and will specialize in discussing home, office and general organization tips. I have kept a Filofax planner for many years now and have often been asked what I use it for, how it helps me on an everyday basis and what the best size of planner to use is. With this in mind, I will post weekly blog entries along with pictures, videos and tutorials on how to effectively organize your life so that you have more free time to do the things you love.

So, fingers crossed it goes well and you will be hearing from me again soon!

Louise X

Muse — May 26, 2014


Thanks to my dad, I’ve been brought up to harbour a love for what I would define as ‘eclectic’ music tastes.

One of my favourite artists is a guy called Mike Oldfield, I’m really hoping you will have at least heard of him. This guy painstakingly played every instrument in each of his songs before going back to the beginning and adding more, layering the song as he went until eventually these amazing orchestral pieces were created.

Bare in mind, this was before the enlightened time of technology that could do this for you.

When I was little, my dad would work in his office in the evenings whilst I was meant to be in bed asleep but he would end up leaving the door of his study open and I would listen to the albums of Mike Oldfield over and over again. One of my favourites is ‘Guitars’ and the opening song is called ‘Muse’.

Today I pressed a button that read ‘Inspire Me’ on WordPress and talking about a song was the suggestion that appeared. It’s amazing that nowadays there is even a cure for writer’s block…


Trawling Through History — May 25, 2014

Trawling Through History

I suppose most people find certain things in the past interesting. I certainly do. I love listening to stories from my grandparents about relatives I am too young to have known.

This fascination has led me to my current quest actually. I’m in the middle of typing up about one hundred handwritten letters sent to my great great aunt Elizabeth during the Second World War from a man called Hamish Michael.

I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful these letters of love are. My great great aunt never married and yet kept these letters in a box for the rest of her life. Unfortunately we don’t know what happened to Hamish and efforts to track down his military records have proved tricky.

But I’m continuing to decipher his handwriting and type up every single word so that soon I can present a neat booklet to my gran, she has trouble reading the letters for herself.

In these days of blogging and email and instant messaging, it’s interesting to read ‘real’ letters, something as a young person, I’m not really familiar with on a day-to-day basis.

Maybe if I keep on searching, I’ll uncover the mystery of Hamish and put my mind at rest!

Diaries are so old-fashioned folks. —

Diaries are so old-fashioned folks.

Well internet, I’ve done it.

I have finally bowed to pressure and started one of these blogs things because I was told that- to my surprise- no one writes in  a real diary anymore.

This is both a blessing and a curse really. I like the idea of writing deep and meaningful thoughts in an old leather bound journal but can I actually be bothered to do it everyday? Nah.

Of course the curse of the blog is that this is no private, lockable diary that you can keep to yourself. Everything you  write is sent out into the universe for anyone to read, assuming of course that unlike me you are actually writing interesting enough stuff for people to read.

Someone once told me that in these enlighted days of technology, blogging online is the new way to advertise yourself; who you are and what you’re about. I haven’t quite worked all that out yet but I will use my new blog to post about anything and everything.

I occassionally write the odd review for a brilliant website called  and so I will include these here, you know, in case someone likes that kind of thing.

I get the feeling this might already be a bit too long for an opening post…

Oh well.

“The Universe i… —